Loc Growth

I have had locs since January of 2015. Now, I would like to look back and see all the progress I have made. I have gone natural. I took my hair from a relaxed state to a coarse one. I am still unsure as to whether putting too much oils in my hair causes dandruff. I used to love putting relaxer in my hair because it seemed to kill the dandruff. My locs have grown in length and they seem to be looking more thick. I am trying to semi free-form them.

I fell in love with dreads after watching Black Ink. It was a show about a black owned tattoo shop, and it still airs on VH1 , but I would just watch it to look at Dutchess hair. Every time I saw it I thought to myself, her hair is beautiful. After that, I started to do extensive research on locs. And when I say extensive, I mean I was obsessed! But I just love that we can keep our hair long and thick via dreadlocks! Perm destroys our hair and even when natural it can be hard to keep retention. I will continue to put up pics of my progress.

I haven’t been re-twisting them every couple of weeks. They only get re-twisted every couple of months. It is about time for me to re-twist them. Here are growth pics of my locs:



I see a lot of growth. Since I have started my locs it has been 4 years and I have seen about 9 inches of growth. I want to have Rastafarian hair. I don’t want to have hair that looks like its getting re-twisted at the salon every couple of weeks. When you re-twist your hair every couple weeks it ends up looking very thin, and thin locs is easier to break. I have a type of hair that does not like to be touched a lot. That is African hair. Mother African hair.

Here is a vlog where I shortly discuss what African Beauty And Braids is all about. Enjoy!

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It seems like all the girls with locs are Rastafarian! LOL. But they do mostly originate from Jamaica. Nerissa Irving has got me crushin on her locs. She really has long locs. She says in her YouTube videos that  her locs are more of a free form and she hasn’t gotten them twisted in about a year. Wow! I really do wish I can achieve her length someday. In the meanwhile, I will gaze in utter admiration upon her hair.

It is my goal that in the future my hair will look like this:

(Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/412501647105208000/)