The 25 Best Hairstyles For Black Women in 2021

We made it into a new year! And with a new year comes new beginnings. The beauty of black women is the power we have in creating trends. Here are the top 25 hairstyles for black women to try in 2021:

Your Own Afro

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With social distancing still in full effect, many women of color are opting to show off their unique textures. So grab a wide-tooth comb and some afro sheen. Being your authentic self can uplift your self-esteem.


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Want a simple style that doesn’t hurt your pockets? Braid-outs can give your hair a wavy curl pattern without the heat. Simply put your hair into braids, and keep them in overnight. Hydrate with mineral oil. Once you remove them, you will look fabulous with strong waves.

Simple Cornrows

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A quick DIY hairstyle that will keep your hair healthy is cornrows. To save time part your hair into 2 or 3 sections and create large cornrows. This hairstyle is perfect for workouts.

Crochet Braids

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Crocheting hair is a fun technique that has recently risen in popularity. Waist-length braids can easily be installed through crochet braids. Longer braids also bring out your curves. Using aloe vera on your strands will keep them soft while you try on different styles. 

Locs And Twist Combo

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Why settle for 2 styles when you can have both? I like a change in scenery. If you like switching things up, comb out a section of your locs from the front section of your hair. Convert them to 2 strand twist. This will make you stand out from the crowd. 

Big Black Ponytail

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Wanna look fabulous without sitting for hours in a chair? A quick big, black ponytail will do the trick. Go and try on the Bobbi Boss Drawstring Ponytail. You won’t be disappointed.


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Pixie cuts are ideal for women in their 40’s. As you climb up the ladder of success, you may not always have time to get your hair done. This short hairstyle brings out the beauty of your face. Keep aging like fine wine, gurl.

Poetic Justice Braids

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Box braids’ origins have been traced back to ancient Egypt. The elite class would often wear extensions to cover up their gray hairs. Today, you can wear box braids to feel like Janet Jackson during her Poetic Justice days.

Sew In Weave

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If you want a hairstyle that requires little upkeep, sew-in weaves are the way to go. You take your natural hair and place them into cornrows, and then use a needle and thread to sew over the cornrows. For the best results, consult with a hairstylist.

Flat Twist Updo

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A flat twist updo is a very adorable and convenient way to hold your natural hair up. It is an easy hairstyle for those who are just beginning their natural hair journey.


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Are you feeling like a rockstar? Do you want that double-tap on IG? Try a frohawk. Totally cool, dude. 

Loc’d and Loaded

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The oldest historical record of an African tribe rocking locs is documented in Ethiopia. There is also Roman accounts that state Celts strands of hair were woven like snakes. 

Wavy Knotless Braids

Knotless braids are a better option than other extensions because they put less stress/tension on your hair. You can wear these braids for several months. 

Jumbo Twists


Jumbo twists only take a couple of hours to install. You can use Marley hair for jumbo twists because it has a coarser texture, which blends right in with 4c hair.

Double Dutch Braids

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Dutch pigtail braids can give you a wow factor. Part your hair down the middle, and work each section by creating a crossing under braid. The difference between dutch and french braids is that you are creating sections that cross under one another instead of over.

Kinky Braids

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Kinky braids can be styled using Marley hair. Kinky braids tend to age more gracefully than regular braids, because your roots blend in with the hair.

French Braids

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In France, french braids are called tresses. French braids can give your hair a exotic, classy look.

Queenly Bun

A bun is the most versatile hairstyle you can wear. It is a popular bridal look. To spice things up, add some jeweled petals.

Albaso Braids

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Albaso braids are a traditional style that derives from the indigenous people of East Africa. It is well known by the Ethiopians and Eritreans. It is a mixture of large cornrows and braided over rolled hair.

Cornrows With Box Braids Combo

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Do you like cornrows and box braids? Pepper dem with uniqueness by wearing both.

Pigtail Braids

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Show off your inner child by wearing pigtail braids. You can avoid hair breakage by dipping the rubberband in coconut oil before securing your braid.

Double Dutch Cornrows And Curls

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Are you going out for a elegant ball? These double dutch curly braids scream: ” I know I look good, but I don’t need you to buy me a drink.”

Fishtail Braids

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The fishtail braid is a very intricate design that was created in Ancient Greece. They can give you a more chic, sophisticated look.

Passion Twists

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Passion twists are super easy to install and can be worn through crochet. They require Freetress Water Wave braiding hair. It’s silky, curly hair texture can give you hair volume.

Asymmetrical Bob

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Simple haircuts are so last year. Add some flavor to your bob by making one side of your hair longer than the other. The uneveness makes you pop. 

Make 2021 unforgettable by trying out one of these adventurous hairstyles today.